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Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

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Growing technology and scientific development have now made braces much easier for them who wear them. Nowadays, it has become much more comfortable and takes lesser time as well in comparison to other times. For the correction of bad time people usually adopt orthodontic treatment. At Dental Quest we provide the best Orthodontic/Braces treatment at an affordable price and the treatment is carrried out by the team of experienced Orthodontist. Orthodontic treatment is a method of straightening or positioning the teeth perfectly, so that they look as well as their functioning becomes appropriate. It also maintains the health of teeth along with gums and jaw structure.

In many of cases, upper as well as the lower jaw does not meet properly, although their teeth seem to be straight, but they might have bite problems. In Dental World, we correct the oral problem, so that your smile looks flawless and healthy. The crooked and crowded teeth are moved to the perfect position, so that cleaning of the mouth becomes much easier. This can avoid various problems like tooth decay and tooth loss.

At Dental Quest, the treatment is carried out and administered by experienced Orthodontists. There are numerous people around the globe with crooked or crowded teeth. Our orthodontist at Dental Quest will help you in straightening the teeth by moving them to its perfect position. This treatment helps you in not only improving your appearance, but at the same time it also helps in boosting up your confidence in yourself. There are people with protruding front teeth that give an unattractive appearance. Such teeth may get damaged easily, but with help and proper guidance from the orthodontist and the orthodontic treatment the teeth can be pushed back to its perfect position, so that the jaws meet each other perfectly well and avoid strain in jaw muscle that would have otherwise lead to headache and joint related problem. Our team of orthodontist helps to bite evenly and reduce strain at the same time.

In Dental Quest, we offer all types of orthodontic/braces treatment. The patient can be an adult or a kid; we take proper care of our patients. We have all the treatment available with us for every individual irrespective of their age and oral problems. Initially the orthodontist examines the present condition of the patient by examining the teeth, x-ray and by preparing the plaster model of the teeth. Once this procedure is done, the orthodontist will openly discuss about the possible treatments with you that can be performed. Once the patients agree with the orthodontist, treatment will be continued. Some of the treatments that are offered by the orthodontist at Dental quest are as follows:

  • Fixed Appliances

    During the treatment fixed braces are permanently attached to the teeth till a particular duration depending upon the condition of the teeth and oral problems. These appliances comprises of bracket that is fixed to the teeth, wire that is attached to the brackets so that the brackets tightly remains in position just like a chain. After the treatment period you will notice that the teeth have moved to their perfect position. Fixed appliances are of three types:

    • Metal braces/ Traditional braces: Such type of fixed appliances is made of metal brackets. This is the most common type of braces that have been used for years now. During this treatment period the patient does not have any problems related to speech. The best thing about this treatment is that it is the most effective treatment that efficiently moves the teeth in its perfect position.
    • Clear Braces/Ceramic Braces: Ceramic braces are very similar to metal braces in every way, except its bracket. The brackets used in ceramic braces are made up of ceramic material that blends well with the natural color of teeth. Nowadays, adults prefer ceramic braces more in comparison to the metal braces because they are not much noticeable and the best part is that they are as efficient as the metal braces.
    • Incognito Braces/ Lingual Braces: Lingual braces are fixed to your teeth from its inner surface, inside the mouth, that is not visible to others. People can go for this type of braces if they actually fear about being noticed with the braces. In spite of kids this treatment is considered better for teenagers and adults. This treatment may affect speech for the time being till the treatment is going on.

  • Removable Braces:

    Removable braces are plastic plates with sprigs and wires that is built to fit inside the mouth of an individual. This complete attachment pushes the teeth towards its perfect position and is then after used to grip the appliances for maintaining the position. They are convenient as they can be removed while eating, cleaning, flossing or brushing the teeth.

    • Functional braces: these braces are helpful in improving the jaw movement and works at the same time on both upper as well as lower teeth.
    • Invisible braces/ aligners: Instead of using brackets and wires in this treatment aligners are used to move the teeth to its perfect position. During this treatment the aligners are changes in every 2 weeks, so that the pressure on the teeth is properly directed to its perfect position. These aligners are almost invisible. These aligners can be removed while playing sports, cleaning and flossing the teeth.
    • Combination Braces: some patients cannot get satisfactory results from a single treatment like invisible braces, thus for them combinations of treatments are adopted. For a short period of time fixed braces are used to deal with the difficult areas and then aligners are used to complete the treatment.
    • Retainers: After the treatment is completed retainers are worn for a specific period of time for maintaining the result that you have received after the treatment. Wearing a retainer is a very important part that should not be avoided after the treatment.

Orthodontist suggest for the orthodontic treatment depending upon oral condition and a bad bite. For oral treatment and bite correction they may suggest one or a combination of orthodontic treatments.

Working procedure of braces

  • Consultation: Visit the doctor for consultation so that he can evaluate the following
    • Whether you actually need an orthodontic treatment
    • Type of treatment that will suit you
    • Duration of treatment

  • Initial Bonding
    • Doctor will use spacers for making space for bands
    • They will place brackets
    • Take impression of the teeth so that orthodontic model can be build.

  • Banding
    • During this period doctor will take out the spacers and insert the bands
    • Extraction must also take place because without it wire cannot be placed.
    • After 2 weeks of initial bonding this appointment is usually given.

  • Adjustment Visit
    • Appointment for this is given after every month.
    • This appointment will be scheduled until Deband visit.

  • Deband Visit
    • During this visit braces are removed
    • Braces will be removed and retainers will be provided to the patients

  • Final Visit
    • During this visit final X-ray and final model of the teeth will be taken
    • Retainers will be checked for proper fitting
    • After mid of the month or a month depending on the condition this appointment is given.

Care after the braces treatment

After the treatment, when the teeth is moved to its perfect position and the braces are removed retainers must be worn. The final and most important step has to be followed without being lazy. This final step is of wearing retainers. The orthodontist or the dentist suggests their patients to wear the retainers for a specific hour as per the prescription of the orthodontist. Usually it is for 24 hours a day. Retainers help the teeth to remain at its newly found position until the bone around the teeth becomes strong enough to support the teeth by themselves. If you do not wear the retainers as per the orthodontist suggestions then the teeth may move back to its old position, wasting the effort and money spend on it.

Dental Braces/Orthodontic Treatment for Adults in Gurgaon

Your search for best Orthodontist in Gurgaon will end at Dental Quest; one of the best Orthodontic/Dental Braces Treatment available for people of Gurgaon specially for adults

Gurgaon: ClearPath Aligners is the best orthodontic treatment for Adults & is carried out by expert Orthodontist at Dental Quest

If you have a slight feeling that the alignment of your teeth are worse with each passing day, then immediately you must contact your orthodontist or dentist to rectify it as soon as possible if you have never straightened it earlier. Once your teeth are all set, you will adore what you see, “surprisingly, nobody will even notice that you are undergoing any sort of orthodontic treatment” but they will surely notice your pearl-white sparkling teeth. In Dental Quest we provide the best adults Orthodontic/Braces treatment.

There are numerous people who believe that braces are not meant for adults, but in reality it is not at all true. As per the current analysis, it was found that about 20% adults wear braces. This trend has picked up fast because of the introduction of new ceramic braces as well as aligners that are delicate, and at the same time less visible to others.

Why Adults are preferring braces over other alternatives?

With the growing age, teeth shifts or changes its current positioning either because of an injury, medical condition such as tongue thrust or simply because of natural growth that is common in adults. There are many patients who visit the orthodontist and regrets about their present condition. Their previously straight and sparkling teeth turn out to be crooked and over crowded with time. Some people complain about jaw pain that causes difficulty in cleaning and brushing your teeth, or unattractive and dull smile. On the other hand, there are some adults that actually need braces to correct their crooked teeth, but because of their financial condition they were not able to go through the medical procedure. Thus, they have decided to correct the structure of their teeth when they grow older. Furthermore, there are some individuals who opt for this treatment, for boosting up their career. In short, adults find this treatment important for their future and the treatment guarantees with a beautiful well aligned teeth.

As a kid, I had braces. Why shall I need them again?

According to dentists, as age increases, teeth also start shifting from their original position. The shifting of teeth differs from person to person. If you are not wearing the retainers as prescribed by the orthodontist or have worn retainers that were not suitable to the natural growth of the jaw then possibly your teeth may return back to its previous position. Nowadays, the orthodontist asks their patients to wear retainers for a longer duration of time, or an indefinite period that causes discomfort. Thus, adults find it difficult to follow the prescription and thus later on requiring the braces again.

ClearPath Aligners/Braces-- Best Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Today, the best alternatives for typical braces are Clear Aligners. They are developed and manufactured to position the teeth perfectly at the desired place just like the braces. The only difference amongst braces and aligners is that, there are no wires or brackets involved with it. Clear Aligners are made up of durable plastic material that is designed in such a manner that it can be adjusted well inside the mouth of an individual. Clear aligner forces the teeth slightly more than the proper position until expectation is achieved.

To acquire maximum results from clear aligners, patients must wear it for at least 20 hours a day. Every aligner must be worn for at least 3 weeks before moving to the next set of aligners. Some people may be curious to know how long this treatment may take... Before we answer the question, let us first tell you that the treatment depends entirely upon the condition. Approximately, in an average around 3 to 6 weeks time is required for this type treatment. Thus, in short we can conclude that this treatment is less time consuming in comparison to the typical braces.

Advantage of orthodontic treatment using ClearPath Aligners

ClearPath aligners is considered as the best orthodontic treatment for adults who wish for a perfect smile that too without being noticed or for those individuals who wishes to make some more corrections after already going through orthodontic treatment. There are many advantages of opting for clear aligners over traditional metal braces. Some of the basic advantages are as follows:

Advantages of ClearPath Aligners

  • ClearPath aligners offer the best choice in comparison to the usual braces because of its advanced 3D technology “ClearPath ALIGNERS”.
  • ClearPath is one and only the most modern orthodontic treatment procedure that monitors and observes the patients remotely even after taking the PVS impression.
  • User friendly online medical treatment planning has become possible because of several years of R&D, affordable services and no requirement of bonded connections.
  • With some medical plans, pre-programmed movement is incorporated in the aligners that could further be delivered everywhere around the globe without any additional charges.

ClearPath- Orthodontic Treatment for Foreign Patients

  • 3D technology “CLEAR ALIGNERS” is introduced by ClearPath that provides best alternatives for traditional metal braces.
  • Through ClearPath it is possible to monitor and record the developments remotely in patients, after PVS impressions are made.
  • Years of Research and Development in this field have made several essential things possible like easy online treatment planning, advanced services and no bonded attachments.
  • Aligners comprises of pre-programmed movement in accordance with the treatment plan, that can be delivered anywhere around the globe without any additional delivery charges.

“The 3D Clear Aligner treatment is considered more of the top most orthodontic treatments. The ever increasing demand for a comfortable orthodontic therapy along with the increasing range of practical cases, observes PLASTIC ALIGNERS TREATMENT as the most successful one, which has completed more than 3 million serious cases from all over the world using various systems.”

Scope of ClearPath Proprietary 3D Aligner Technology

Latest and supreme quality of a clear aligner system that is approved by USFDA is launched by ClearPath that offers a clear, comfortable and a hygienic solution that provides correction as well adjustment of malocclusion without making use of wires and brackets. The updated innovative technology adopted by Clear Path’s official aligner system provides advantages like aesthetic, hygiene and comfort to the patients. At the same time, throughout the treatment procedure the orthodontist is able to predict and manage the entire scenario.

In short, if you are actually wishing for a comfortable and reliable advanced technology for the adults’ orthodontic treatment then you must opt only for ClearPath Aligners at Dental Quest near Gurgaon.

Various Other Options of Treatments

  • Invisible treatment/ Aligners
  • Traditional/ Metal Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Gold/Colored Braces
  • Removable Appliances
  • Self-Ligating Braces
  • Lingual Braces