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Now get Quality Dental Treatment very near to Gurgaon at a very reasonable cost as compare to in Gurgaon. All dental treatments are carried out by team of dental specialists at Dental Quest.

About Us

Dental Quest near Gurgaon situated in Dwarka offers the best dental treatment that is taken care by the team of experienced dental specialists.

Dental Quest is a multi specialty dental clinic and implant centre where all dental facilities are available. This clinic is headed by Dr Ashutosh Kumar and his team. In a short span of time they along with their team of specialized dentists have gained popularity in Dwarka because of their suggestions and reasonably priced treatment plans. Dr Ashutosh and Dr Kumar are Dental Surgeon and he is specialized in Oral Implantology whereas Dr Shweta Kumar is specialised in Denture. Thus, they understand the importance of specialization and the degree in which a specialized dentist can take care of the dental problem in comparison to the normal dentist without any specialization. They have thus appointed a team of specialist dentists that have experience.

Their team comprises of numerous specialists with them:

  • Prosthodontists
  • Orthodontist
  • Endodontist
  • Periodontist
  • Oral Pathologist
  • Pedodontist

Dental experts at Dental Quest are always ready to take care of patients with any kind of dental problem

Nowadays, dentistry is about enhancing self confidence, taking personal care, enhancing the look, functionality and aesthetics. New technology and advancement in modern dentistry has nowadays changed the earlier concept. People can now lead a normal healthy life, even after losing complete jaw line, tooth or complete set of teeth.

At Dental Quest Multi Specialty Dental Clinic & Implant Centre in Dwarka, we take optimum care of our patients and deal with the smallest issues that relate to their dental problems and accordingly treat them.

Treatments available at the Dental Quest near Gurgaon (Dwarka) are:

Tooth Extraction:

Tooth extraction is not a major dental surgery, but if the molar tooth is involved then in such case attention from an expert is required. For the treatment of lost teeth numerous alternatives are available that helps in gaining self confidence and functionality. Tooth Extraction treatment and its procedure are simple, but before tooth extraction, analysis has to be done by the expert dentist that can help in regaining a perfect smile.


Instead of going for mercury or silver filling, it is recommended to opt for a good porcelain or composite resin filling because unlike silver or mercury, porcelain or composite resin lasts longer in comparison to them and are strong enough for bearing the pressure of grinding and chewing. Proper oral care with regular dental checkups can help a quality filling last for even more than 10 years.

Root Canal Treatment:

Endodontist specialised in Preservative Dentistry performs the Root Canal treatment. This treatment procedure is helpful in saving the tooth that has a severe deep cavity. After the Root Canal Treatment, a crown is recommended to add life to the tooth that is chipped or has become weaker because of the severe deep cavity.

Dental Implant:

For lost tooth or teeth, Dental Implant is the best alternative in dentistry. The teeth lose can deteriorate the jawbone, thus it is important to go for dental implant that not only preserves the jawbone from deteriorating but also improves the functionality of the jaw line. At Dental Quest the Dental implant treatment is addressed by expert prosthodontist.

Dental Bridges:

Prosthodontist also installs Dental Bridges. Numerous types of bridges are nowadays available to be installed, such as bridges that are designed with the help of crowns that grips the adjacent teeth and the other type is the implant supported dental bridge that functions like a normal tooth and it do not require support from the adjacent teeth. If more than one tooth is missing, then in such case dental implant supported bridge is considered as the best option.


For saving your chipped or broken tooth after any injury or due to any other reason, dental crowns are considered the best possible option. The crown is worn on the chipped or weaker tooth because they are stronger and can bear the pressure of grinding and chewing. They keep your natural but weak tooth safe at the same time from the pressure.

Partial & Complete Denture:

The most horrible experience one ever has to face is the lost of complete set of teeth. But with the new technologies and progress in dentistry life has become beautiful for those who have lost their entire teeth in an accident or as a result of some trauma. It has become easy for everybody to lead a healthy life after losing teeth. Partial and Complete denture supported by dental implant is the best alternative. At our clinic in Dwarka you will also find complete and partial removable denture.

Orthodontics/Braces Treatment:

At Dental Quest multi specialty clinic and implant centre (Dwarka), specialized Orthodontist performs the Orthodontic/Braces treatment so that the client can get the best result quickly. read more

Bleeding Gums:

Bleeding gums may lead to sever other disease that may lead to tooth loss. Periodontist must be referred at our clinic for the problems that are related to bleeding gums as soon as possible.


Some of the symptoms of Pyorrhoea are gum bleeding, bad mouth odour and receding gums. It is an advanced stage of the periodontitis thus periodontist must be consulted as soon as possible for starting the treatment procedure.

Receding Gums:

Gum problems may occur to anyone if scaling is not done. Scaling is essential to stay away from the gum related problems. Once the tartar formation takes place, gums start to recede that may later on, loosen the grip of your teeth and eventually fall out. Receding gums may lead to gingivitis, bad breath and heart related issues as well.

Kids Dentistry/ Paediatric Dentistry:

Dentistry that involves with the dental health and dental treatment of kids and teenagers is identified as Paediatric Dentistry or Kids Dentistry and the dentist that deal with the kids issues related to dental issues are called Pedodontist.

Cosmetic Dentistry:

Nowadays men as well as women are equally conscious about their look and appearance. There is no doubt that smile plays a very important part in the way we look and appear. Teeth exhibits good health. The treatment or procedure that is done for the correction of the teeth to enhance the way a person look is referred to as cosmetic dentistry.

Smile Design:

A simple smile can win thousands of hearts; it is one fabulous feature that God has gifted to everybody. Some people dream to a beautiful smile. It is a well known fact that everybody is not born with perfection and naturally beautiful smile is one such thing. Make-up and beauty products cannot do much in enhancing a smile. Smile design, at the Dental Quest clinic is there to design a smile that suits your look and appearance.

Teeth Whitening/ Bleaching:

World will smile with you when you smile! The World will feel jealous when they see your dazzling smile! New innovations in dentistry now can help you attain bright and shiny teeth within no time.